She Wore What – Violet Grace Atkinson

What is fashion without the people who wear it. This kicks of a weekly sequence of interviews with some Australia’s most stylish. Stay tuned, as each week I will introduce you to another bold, unique and beautiful person who’s style I find encapsulating.

N: First up, who are you and what makes you tick? Introduce yourself!

V: My name is Violet Grace Atkinson, I am 24 and from Australia. I am a lawyer by trade, influencer (which is a fancy term for an all-rounder creative that dabbles on photography/styling etc) and am also currently completing a PhD at Bond University on the topic of intellectual property law and its application to fashion design. 


N: Tell me about your day to day style?  

V: My day-to-day style is sporty mixed with tailoring and structure. For example, as I am answering this question I am wearing bike shorts, Balenciaga speed trainers and a hoody underneath a tuxedo blazer. I am a big fan of layering and adding extra texture to outfits with layers as opposed to a lot of accessories.  


N: How do you express yourself through your look? What does it say about you? 

V: Just by wearing what I feel comfortable and powerful in. I am a busy person that likes to get a lot done in the day (my friends and family say I am an A-type personality haha) and perhaps I dress for that without realising. On a daily basis I would not say I have a feminine style, for me femininity can come through in my outfits through accentuation of feminine features (i.e. my waist or décolletage) and fresh-faced, glowy makeup.


N: What are your go to colours?

V: This changes depending on the season so I don’t have a go-to colour really. I do wear a lot of black and white however at the moment I am really feeling bright orange, yellow, chartreuse, all shades of blue and fuchsia. 


N: Is there a piece in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without? Most essential staple?

V: This is too hard to answer! I live in my Balenciaga speed trainers and Alexander McQueen white sneakers however I also need to have a good black tailored blazer. At the moment I am really feeling bike shorts too and I have these Stella McCartney yellow ones (that I am actually wearing now) which are getting thrashed. I would be sad to lose those.

N: How do you accessories your style?  

V: Always with sunglasses. Also, this is not really a fashion-answer but good hair is one of the best ways to bring your outfit to the next level – hair that is clean, has volume and movement adds another element and makes you look polished/put together (even if you feel like your life is a shambles haha). 

N: From where and who do you find inspiration?  

V: Instagram, instagram and instagram. I am a huge fan of street style photographers – fashion month is giving me LIFE at the moment. I also love Margaret Zhang and Xenia Adonts for inspiration – they have immaculate style and still do their own thing.  


N: Must follow designers and models? Favourite brands? 

V: Jacquemus is my favourite designer on IG at the moment. Elliot Garnaut is my favourite Aussie stylist – his instagram is funny and interesting. In terms of models, you can never go past the Hadids – their stylist Mimi Cutrell (also a must-follow) keeps them in some incredible outfits that are never-ending for style inspo.


N: If you could give Canberra some advice about street style and fashion, what would it be? 

V: I have never been to Canberra so any advice I have must be taken with a grain of salt! I think in general the best advice is just to wear what you feel comfortable/great in. Do not follow a trend if you don’t like wearing it. Also, don’t copy what people wear – make it your own and add elements of your own personality into it. 


N: If you could collab with anyone who would it be and why?

This question can be answered in so many different ways and I don’t have a particular response to it. I love photography and styling so creating really beautiful content for a brand such as Jacquemus or Dior would be a dream. On the brainer side of things (law and fashion), I want to collab with other game changers to learn more and potentially bring about law reform so that Aussie designers feel as though they are getting better support (and even just a better understanding) for the law and how it applies to their business and creativity. I would also love to work with Vogue Australia on styling a piece that includes both men and women (because I love androgyny and unisex style).


N: A parting word?

V: My parting word is to identify your core ‘beliefs’ and then work really hard and stay authentic to those. For me, becoming a lawyer was something I had wanted to do for so long but so was working in fashion. So I did both! There are 24 hours in a day and I am a huge believer in throwing the whole idea of the 9-5 out the window. That is not me saying don’t get a 9-5 job – I had one of those for a good 3.5 years out of University – but I would throw myself into fashion work every weekend/outside work hours/on my lunch breaks because I was passionate about it. Also, when you love something it doesn’t feel like work so much. 

The Fashion Vault: Feature Interview

REPOST: Thought i’d share the beautiful interview Maryanne from The Fashion Vault wrote on me.

Take a peep xx


 Model of the moment Nicola is taking Canberra by storm. In between back to back modelling shoots and running her blog, my gal pal spared a few minutes to talk to me in my apartment over a cheese board.
 Who are you and where are you from?

I was born on Anzac Day in Darwin in the military! I moved to Canberra when I was 7 years old and started school at Girls Grammar. I’ve lived in 10 houses growing up! I studied Double English in school. I also loved science, if I could do a second degree, I would go into Medicine! I’m currently studying a double degree in Bach of Commerce and Bach of Public Relations.

So let’s talk fashion! What does a typical uni outfit look like?
Well I can’t wear jeans and a t-shirt that’s for sure! I need to wear something that’s uniquely me. If I don’t feel comfortable or look like crap then I can’t be efficient or get anything done.

How would you describe your style in general? 

Eclectic! I love mixing old, vintage pieces with new, modern staples.

My colour palette is quite neutral – my favourite colour to wear is tan or camel. I would probably say I hate wearing black but if I’m being completely honest, I always incorporate that into my wardrobe.
What are your Top 3 items that you can’t live without?

Blazers, shoes and a good jumper.

Who’s your style icon? 

My Grandma, she’s had a massive influence. Danielle Bernstien from We Wore What, Chiara Ferrigani from The Blonde Salad and Super Model, Gigi Hadid.

What’s your favourite accessory?

Watches for sure! I don’t really wear much jewellery but I love my watches and I have so many bands to dress up or down a look. Sunglasses too, so many fun things you can do with sunnies.

Favourite and worst fashion trend? 

Probably vintage trousers, because I love trousers!

So you have a blog, how did that start?

Well it’s a funny story! It started as an assignment in Florence when I was studying Communication, Media & Fashion. We had 3 minutes to pull a logo, name and blog page. So I created my blog, with the assistance of my friends to come up with a name that suited me.. The Tipsy Blonde Fashion Blog was born. Further down the track it is now known as Blonde & Co. We were sent to Milan Fashion Week as starting content to write about. So I did all this fashion stuff overseas and got back to Canberra and wanted to continue it. I did this really vulnerable video on my Insta stories one time and I didn’t realise I had an effect on people! I had people interacting and engaging with me more than ever before.

How fun! So what can we expect to find on it? 

My outtake on fashion trends, top picks on different seasons, different fashion events, travel and lately I’ve been into skincare.

What’s your modelling story?
I saw a good friend walk in FASHFEST when I was young and hadn’t finished Year 12. I pretty much threw myself in the deep end and didn’t know what to expect when I gave it a go! I auditioned and cried and told my mum when I got in. After that I joined HAUS Models!
Favourite model at the moment? 

Gigi Hadid, Steph Claire Smith and Brooke Hogan.

Favourite designer at the moment? 

Balmain – I love the military look because I had that background growing up. I love Chanel – I’m a classic pearls and tweed jacket kind of girl. Closer to home I love Zara and Seed. Oh and Dior gowns – anything from Paris really!

Words by Maryanne

Photography by @wearefoundau

Skin Confessions

This is a cry for help!

With only boobs to show for it, puberty was an easy time for me. Acne was never anything I had worry about before. I played heaps of sport, wore little to no makeup and was relatively care free when it came to skin care. A bar of soap was all I needed to wash my face and whatever moisturise dad had bought for my legs might make it to my face, sometimes.

This carefree teenage attitude toward skin care left me feeling very vulnerable when at the ripe old age of 20, I develop acne. It begun as irregular very large deep spots, that where incredibly painful and big. With a terrible habit of picking and scratching at them I developed what looked like meth head scars on my face. Just what you want when a large part of my job is in front of the camera.


Any ounce of self-esteem and confidence that I once had dissolved. I began battling millions of brands, shades and coverages of foundation to hide my new-found acne scaring and redness. Those who I grew up with would be aware of house rosy red my cheeks naturally are. The added addition of large red spots utterly deteriorated my complexation.  I was at my wits end and without a solution. I went to see my doctor who prescribed me a topical roaccutane. This was the worst thing I could have done to my face. It immediately caused massive breakouts and my very mild eczema to become a massive painful issue. I was using it as instructed and was warned it would dry me out. I had googled all sorts of horror stories but was sure this would be the cure to my relentless battle. It sure as hell was not. After experiencing eczema on my eyelids I gave up on the gel and was back to square one.

My partner and I decided that breaking down my diet could highlight the root of the problem. Again, no luck. I’m already lactose intolerant so don’t eat dairy. My dad is a type 1 diabetic so my diet at home consists of a big pile of veggies and a piece of meat, and sometimes some carbs but rarely. Trying to cut out sugar was difficult as I consume also zero sugar (except when ever I’m with Kendi at the movies, we eat caramel popcorn like there is no tomorrow). This too lead nowhere and made no noticeable difference.

SO with diet having zero effect and eczema under control I turned to my pill. I recently switched to Yas after much panic and speculation (by mother and partner) over whether or not I could get a blood clot. This is around about the time I really noticed the deep painful pimple rashes really increase. I’ve now changed back to Brenda 35 which is prescribed for bad skin and voilà it is getting back under control!

With my hormones and diet in check, all that was left to trawl through was my skin care routine. Now, I don’t recommend you do this because it’s very expensive. However, I went into Mecca Maxima and had the most beautiful, knowledgeable and helpful lady give me over 25 samples. From hydrating oils and serums to concealers and foundations I was equip for two weeks with every product under the sun to test. The brilliant lady was able to help me from personal experience so offered me the most invaluable advice. She was the beginning of my clearer happier skin days!

Out of the large haul I took home, the products that made the biggest difference and that are my now everyday routine are:

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel


Cetaphil Daily Advanced Ultra Hydrating Lotion


Frank Body, I like the peppermint scrub most.


I’m currently on the hunt for a nice cleanser, so please send me a message!

My skin is now under control and manageable. Still  red and blochy but every day it’s looking better and more importantly feeling better! It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable around others without a face of make up on and every blemish absolutely covered. I’m now happy with my face and the skin I have, even if its not flawless. Everyone has spots and pimples, its natural. It’s exhausting trying to cover my skin and live to the impossible standard that is set and portrayed across the internet. I think it’s so important for women to embrace their skin and bodies and really find peace with themselves. Our bodies never stop changing and growing, we will see the effects of this throughout life, whether its pimples or stretch marks. Its normal and I think girls aren’t told that enough. This is my raw and honest account of the challenging, painful journey I’ve been on with my skin. I would love to hear from you whether it be for tips or to give me advice as it’ll always be something I’m fighting with.

Oh and lastly, drinking lots of water is crucial to skin care and your body in general!



48 hours at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz fashion Week. This time last week Australia’s most fashionable, media, and bloggers, models and of course retail buyers descended upon Carriage Works, Sydney, to view the upcoming Resorts Collections by leading Australian designers and up and coming talent.












Tuesday 15th May; 4 Shows, 2 outfits, 1 glass of champagne and a dream.

This is fashion week in and out in 48 hours.

The day began with a complimentary long black from Victoria coffee on route to the “Nouveau Fleur” Resort ’19 Collection by We Are Kindred. The runway was set as a floral garden in which the romantic dresses floated down. The colour hues ranging from soft pastels to moody midnights – with hints of metallic. This seasons prints took on an art nouveau inspired glamour. The flirty spirit of the brand was emphasized through frilled hemlines and thigh-high slits. The divine feminine collection was brought to life with a sweet collaboration with Sarah J Curtis Collections.







Second stop for the day was a detour of women’s fashion to view Blair Archibald’s fashion week debut collection “ The Last Knitting Mill”. It was a surreal raw display of fashion concepts. Garments were stripped back to their original fibres, in doing so illuminating the process behind working with wool and local suppliers. The collection included structure coats, tailored pants and turtlenecks to create textured layers. Sweet plum hues were seen dotted among charcoal and ash greys. An exceptional debut, however footwear could be improved.








Post shows; included a glass of wine, lunch and an outfit change.

Back at Carriage Works to mingle and people watch before the highly anticipated C/MEO collective show. The venue was buzzing with fashion heavyweights, reality TV stars, models, bloggers and more! Lights down, music up and down the intricate runway streamed pinks, yellows and reds accentuated by candy stripes, puffed sleeves and rouched detailing. This resort collection will be a divine addition to your summer wardrobe, stay tuned for its launch!


















It was a brisk walk back into the main gallery for the final show of the day. Thurley’s “Fable” show was nothing short of a star studded front row. With an Aperol spritz in hand the show began. Thurley is renown for their attentive use of fine detail. The collection debut summer yellows, soft pinks and whites, lace, crochet and embroidered detail. Over all a nod to the 70’s and a divine resort collection.














The close of the show was the end of our fashion week. What a whirlwind of glamour, trend setting, coffee and the hustle that is Australian fashion. From the streets to the runway the buzz and enthusiasm around fashion was overwhelming. Individual street style was displayed in a parade between shows captured by street photographers. Overall an unreal atmosphere and exception week pulled together by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Congratulations to our beloved designers who showed last week, we are tremendously excited for the resort collections to drop


Autumn in The Capitol

My Top 5 picks and favourite trends for AW ’18 in Canberra.

Those local to CBR know how brutally cold it gets here and that the way to survive is through layering.

Autumn is deceptive at the best of times. We find it below 10 degrees in the morning, then at least 22 degrees and sunny by midday!

So, below are my favourite layered looks for this season- seen across the globe at various fashion weeks.



Keep it casual with the awful but somehow fabulous trend of chunky dad sneakers. Plaid over sized blazers are a must have and layer perfectly over a plain tee or light sweater.

The perfect outfit that’ll take you across all occasions throughout the day.

2. Image: Danielle, WeWoreWhat


What better way to keep wearing your favourite dresses, even as it cools down, than to pop on tights and a pair of boots!

This outfit can be so diverse and worn for all occasions. Patterned tights can add detail to a plainer dress and the height of your boots will add formality.

For those cooler mornings and evenings pair with a crop leather jacket or longer coat.

3.Holly Titheridge - Paris Fashion Week ‘18


For those warmer days, brave bare legs and flat boots pair with a statement mini skirt. Layer with a light jumper and structured over coat to achieve optimal comfort no matter the time of day.

Style with a hat or beret for a chic warm look. A silk neck tie or scarf can be a fun alternative to a necklace!



ALL THINGS FUR THIS SEASON!! Whether it’s cropped or floor length a fur is a must have this season! As we saw across fashion month, it’s all about bold colours when it comes to fur – stray from tradition and grab something a little extra!

I can’t get enough of pastel pink, brilliant red and crazy cheetah patterned furs. You’ll catch me wearing them with equally flamboyant pants too. Plaid is the new plain – find a cheque that suits you and wear them EVERYWHERE! They are such a diverse pant and again can be dressed up or down with shoe choice and accessories.

Use them as a statement piece or layer with a matching jacket.



I LOVE this trend! It is so perfect for the bipolar weather we have here in Canberra. A lighter denim or Cotten jacket under an over coat.

This is what AW fashion is about – paring unlikely items together to create something unique, bold and warm!

The layering of jackets creates a new dimension to the look and can take the outfit from a just tee shirt to be worn inside to park side coffee with all layers intact.

Again plaid is a prominent feature for over coats or blazers. Jeans will give a casual everyday feel to the look while slacks or culottes will formalise it. Pair with chunky sneakers, mules or boots depending on the occasion and your mood!

Hands up who can’t wait for Autumn to officially roll in!?

Let me know you’re favourite looks this season in the comments below! Jump across to our Facebook for latest updates.

N x

Lancôme Paris Review 

Today I received a number of little things from Lancôme Paris! A brand I’ve recently discovered, which has now drastically changed my skin care routine. Their products are gentle and hydrating. 

The collection of products includes; 

  • La Base Pro primer
  • Hydra Zen Masque 
  • Teient Idole Ultra Wear foundation 
  • Tient Miracle foundation 

I started using the Hydra Zen Masque over night moisturiser after a long, hot Europen summer. It revived, replenished and hydrated my skin after days under the sun. 

After cleansing, apply a small pea size amount to the face. Not much is needed as it has amazing coverage! Hydration is key to skin care and as I have dry skin it’s the most important step to me. I’ve not used a serum like this that leaves my skin feeling so soft and supple – I’ll never go back! You can pick this up from Lancôme, Mecca Maxima and David Jones to list a few. This little pot has lasted me 2 months.

Next is the primer. Being pretty rubbish at makeup I’ve not really ever used it. This primer however resurfaces and perfects the skins surface. It is so silky foundation glides on over the top seamlessly leaving a satin soft finish. It perfectly preps the skin for a day under foundation. 

Lancôme offers two levels of foundation, tient ultra all day wear and a lighter tient miracle foundation which is lighter coverage. Both beige diaphane number 3. After wearing a very heavy double wear foundation for years I absolutely love the tient miracle lighter coverage. It gives off a natural flawless appearance and is effortlessly blendable with your skin tone as the carrier a very vast range of colours. 

I highly recommend Lancôme to those with dry and sensitive skin. All the products revived in my little bundle are available in store and online! Go check them out here

Thanks Lancôme for looking after my skin and thank you for the products.

Stayed tuned for my next review – Harlotte Cosmetics!! 


Last night we opened the red carpet to canberras biggest fashion event of the year opening night! While I was running a muck backstage I’d sent two lucky friends into the media pit for a full FASHFEST experience! 

What an absolutely unbeatable opening night! All creatives involved from lighting and sound to hair and makeup, the models and designers put forward their best effort for a sensual and beautiful night. 

Before entering the catwalk space the ambience and vibe in the foyer was pumping and alive. From street food stalls to crazy doughnut creations – FASHFEST brought it all to the table. I was dashing back and forth doing VIP backstage tour (upgrade your ticket now!) while we had Bethany Larsen, from Haus of Artist hosting the red carpet and media wall. 

Everyone looked striking and stylish, Nathan particularly like the jacket draped over the shoulders looked and dubbed them a model naturally. 

Lights down at 7pm. With heat thumping acoustics the crowed was pumped up for the first designer by the live musician and lights show. As Gerich, Melbourne took to the runway cameras flashed and some girls could help but crack a smile – which the audience loved! 

Magpie Goose – a splash of colour and attitude which grabbed everyone’s attention! Even Nathan who is hard to please!! Chelsea loved seeing the diverse range of models take to the runway, all heights, shapes and size are welcome at FASHFEST. Including our little fashkids who stole the crowds heart in Summer Paradise Seekers and Tip You’re It! Momento ended show one with timeless and elegant Alex Perry gowns.

With show two starting at 9pm the lights came on and everyone made their way back to the party in the foyer – all buzzing on a fashion high. 

After seeing the first show my team was more excited now than ever to get back in there and see the next – including me walking! 

Lights down again. Only to be opened by the angelic Felix and Gabrielle Spencer Bridal. With a statement piece finale, ‘Love is love’ and beautiful hand holding by the models the crowd burst with excitement! Woo vote yes!! Naudic followed the big opening with a casual summer, shoeless look which Nathan seemed to appreciate. 

But nothing could get the audience (and Nathan) to pay more attention than Stephanie’s Botique lingerie. The stunning girls struted their stuff confidently and flawlessly down the runway. 

Night two closed with the edgy student designs from CIT 1. Each piece captivating and unique and topped off by a little wink at the end of the runway. 

Catch all the action again tonight! Show 1 at 7pm and show 2 at 9pm. Make sure you get on the VIP backstage tour with me to really see what FASHFEST is about! 

I would like to thank Nathan and Chealsea for coming along to night one and giving me there perspective of FASFEST! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow night! Comment below your thoughts on the show and jump on our social media for more! 

It’s Fashion Week in The Capital!

This week fashion models, writers, bloggers, designers, magazines and so many more flock to Paris for Fashion Week. 

While I’d love to jet across the world again to mingling with the elite of fashion and cover the goings on in Paris -I can’t, as I’m need here in Canberra.

 This week you’ll find me, backstage, front row and on the runway of Canberra growing fashion week. FASHFEST. It’s the capitals take on fashion and you won’t be disappointed! 

Founders and directors Clint and Andrea Hutchinson have taken the buzz, glamour, quality and excitement from Paris fashion week and installed it into the heart of the Nations Capital. 

Established and emerging designers from across Australia and New Zealand will be debuting the latest season collections along side up and coming musicians and VJ’s. Our models have rehearsed tirelessly perfecting their walks and choreography and are all bursting with excitement to strut down the runway. 

Today the action begins.

With midday call times for meetings, dress rehearsals, hair and makeup there won’t be much time for me to sit back (as media) and take in the event. SO I’ve inlisted and recruited 6 Tipsy friends to cover this weeks fashion experience form their,non fashion world, point of view. 

I’m very excited to hear their thoughts on FASHFEST’s fashion week and can’t wait to share it with you!

So stay tuned for an epic and glamours week ahead! 

FASHFEST – Kids Casting 

Calling all mothers!! 

Exciting news, FASHFEST is having a kid’s casting! 

The casting will be held this Sunday 10 September from 2-5pm (closing time depends on number of applicants) at QT Hotel Eureka Room, 1 London Circuit (plenty of parking across the road).

FASHFEST loves cuties on the catwalk and this year we’re showcasing NOMIKO, a new kid’s fashion label, and garments from Tip You’re It!, a gorgeous kid’s fashion shop. 

Registrations and further information can be found here: 


As winter comes to an end and spring blows in, Canberra takes its layers off and dusts of its red-carpet attire in anticipation for its largest fashion event of the year, FASHFEST.

Now in its fifth year, the National Convention Center will stage 3 epic nights, 6 distinct shows. One total fashion experience. FASHFEST held from 28th – 30th September will show case over 40 local, national and international designers. All putting forward new season collections and inspirational collaborations.  Fifteen live musicians and DJ’s will also showcase on the runway.

This year FASHFEST shines the spotlight on textiles and designs from the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation. This features 12 indigenous designers, each presenting a high-end look from textile created in remote communities in the Northern Territory.

New this year, FASHFEST is host to six diverse designers from New Zealand, including several labels from Trelise Cooper, one of the country’s hottest fashion exports. This show is sponsored by the New Zealand high commission.

Returning this year are veteran designers such as Karen Lee, Zilpah Tart. Many local emerging Canberra designers will be making their debut on the cat walk such as Gabrielle Spenser Bridal and De Challie Haute Couture.

Tickets start from $49. VIP and Platinum experiences include an exclusive guided backstage tour. Discount available for two shoe packages and for bookings of six tickets.

FASHFEST will be held at the National Convention Center Canberra. The first show on each night starting promptly at 7 pm and the second at 9 pm.

FF Tickets

For more information on the designers and musicians, follow the links below!!