She Wore What – Violet Grace Atkinson

What is fashion without the people who wear it. This kicks of a weekly sequence of interviews with some Australia’s most stylish. Stay tuned, as each week I will introduce you to another bold, unique and beautiful person who’s style I find encapsulating.

N: First up, who are you and what makes you tick? Introduce yourself!

V: My name is Violet Grace Atkinson, I am 24 and from Australia. I am a lawyer by trade, influencer (which is a fancy term for an all-rounder creative that dabbles on photography/styling etc) and am also currently completing a PhD at Bond University on the topic of intellectual property law and its application to fashion design. 


N: Tell me about your day to day style?  

V: My day-to-day style is sporty mixed with tailoring and structure. For example, as I am answering this question I am wearing bike shorts, Balenciaga speed trainers and a hoody underneath a tuxedo blazer. I am a big fan of layering and adding extra texture to outfits with layers as opposed to a lot of accessories.  


N: How do you express yourself through your look? What does it say about you? 

V: Just by wearing what I feel comfortable and powerful in. I am a busy person that likes to get a lot done in the day (my friends and family say I am an A-type personality haha) and perhaps I dress for that without realising. On a daily basis I would not say I have a feminine style, for me femininity can come through in my outfits through accentuation of feminine features (i.e. my waist or décolletage) and fresh-faced, glowy makeup.


N: What are your go to colours?

V: This changes depending on the season so I don’t have a go-to colour really. I do wear a lot of black and white however at the moment I am really feeling bright orange, yellow, chartreuse, all shades of blue and fuchsia. 


N: Is there a piece in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without? Most essential staple?

V: This is too hard to answer! I live in my Balenciaga speed trainers and Alexander McQueen white sneakers however I also need to have a good black tailored blazer. At the moment I am really feeling bike shorts too and I have these Stella McCartney yellow ones (that I am actually wearing now) which are getting thrashed. I would be sad to lose those.

N: How do you accessories your style?  

V: Always with sunglasses. Also, this is not really a fashion-answer but good hair is one of the best ways to bring your outfit to the next level – hair that is clean, has volume and movement adds another element and makes you look polished/put together (even if you feel like your life is a shambles haha). 

N: From where and who do you find inspiration?  

V: Instagram, instagram and instagram. I am a huge fan of street style photographers – fashion month is giving me LIFE at the moment. I also love Margaret Zhang and Xenia Adonts for inspiration – they have immaculate style and still do their own thing.  


N: Must follow designers and models? Favourite brands? 

V: Jacquemus is my favourite designer on IG at the moment. Elliot Garnaut is my favourite Aussie stylist – his instagram is funny and interesting. In terms of models, you can never go past the Hadids – their stylist Mimi Cutrell (also a must-follow) keeps them in some incredible outfits that are never-ending for style inspo.


N: If you could give Canberra some advice about street style and fashion, what would it be? 

V: I have never been to Canberra so any advice I have must be taken with a grain of salt! I think in general the best advice is just to wear what you feel comfortable/great in. Do not follow a trend if you don’t like wearing it. Also, don’t copy what people wear – make it your own and add elements of your own personality into it. 


N: If you could collab with anyone who would it be and why?

This question can be answered in so many different ways and I don’t have a particular response to it. I love photography and styling so creating really beautiful content for a brand such as Jacquemus or Dior would be a dream. On the brainer side of things (law and fashion), I want to collab with other game changers to learn more and potentially bring about law reform so that Aussie designers feel as though they are getting better support (and even just a better understanding) for the law and how it applies to their business and creativity. I would also love to work with Vogue Australia on styling a piece that includes both men and women (because I love androgyny and unisex style).


N: A parting word?

V: My parting word is to identify your core ‘beliefs’ and then work really hard and stay authentic to those. For me, becoming a lawyer was something I had wanted to do for so long but so was working in fashion. So I did both! There are 24 hours in a day and I am a huge believer in throwing the whole idea of the 9-5 out the window. That is not me saying don’t get a 9-5 job – I had one of those for a good 3.5 years out of University – but I would throw myself into fashion work every weekend/outside work hours/on my lunch breaks because I was passionate about it. Also, when you love something it doesn’t feel like work so much. 

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