She Wore What – Tayela Petterwood

Next up is one of the beautiful chicka’s I travelled Europe with. Tayela has a vibrant, unique and sun kissed style. The golden, water baby writes a fashion and lifestyle blog, So She Says from the warm beaches of the Gold Coast. She is definitely one to watch!

N: First up, who are you and what makes you tick? Introduce yourself!

T: The names Tayela (pronounced tay- Ella), a self confessed water baby and coffee obsessed person. I’ve graduated in my studies of journalism and business and ready for the next career move. This year has definitely been a relaxation and enjoyment year after all the hard work. I really enjoy writing what I’m passionate about and love expressing myself through my writing and fashion.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 3.56.23 pm.png

N: Tell me about your day to day style?

T: It’s changed a lot over the years, but I’m definitely one to dress up no matter the occasion. In winter I always go for a oversized jumper and the classic knee high boots, then in summer (which is nearly every day up in Gold Coast), you can usually find me in a pair of bathers with a summer dress over the top. Flats for the beach and heels for everything else. Although lately I’ve been drawn to the streetwear look of pants and crop tops, with a chunky sneaker.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 4.08.56 pm

N: How do you express yourself through your look? What does it say about you?

T: My style is constantly changing as I figure out what works best for me, but people have always told me that I’m most likely to be overdressed for a breakfast, and that I express a feminine style throughout. I guess that’s pretty true, I’ve always been into dresses and heels and making sure I always look my best. But lately I’ve been very into high waisted pants and bralettes, and I feel that my style represents how I’m not afraid to try new things in both life and style. I hope that through my style a little bit of that girly nature still comes through no matter how much I change my style.

N: What are your go to colours?

T: Looking in my wardrobe it’s most definitely white and black, but I do love a good baby blue and navy to accompany my hair and tan in summer. I also love a royal green as my go to dress up colour.

N: Is there a piece in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without? Most essential staple?

T: My knee high black boots and ankle boots. I pair them with absolutely everything. From work, to causal, to dressy, they can make a look so much better. I also couldn’t live without a pair of bathers, at the moment my collection is getting a bit ridiculous!

N: How do you accessories your style?

T: I love a good red lip, it goes well with most looks and I love pairing it with a middle part slicked bun or high ponytail. Another way I love to make a look a bit more extra is by a matching side bag or one real statement piece (like my spaceboots for splendour).

N: From where and who do you find inspiration?

T: At the moment I’m loving the casual street wear look that Bella Hadid pulls off so well and her sleek event looks. Most of all though I look online for inspiration and always put everything through my best friend Matthew Simpson. He changed my style from dresses and heels to high waisted pants and side bags, there’s not a style I don’t run by him first.

N: Must follow designers and models? Favourite brands?

T: Obsessed with Offwhite so clearly @virgilabloh. I’ve always loved Bec & Bridge, Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana (if only I could afford it). Honourable mention to Stella McCartney for bringing ethical fashion to the forefront, her sport line is amazing. Must follow models for me is of course the Hadid sisters, Winnie Harlow, Duckie thot and Ariel Nicholson.

N: If you could give Canberra some advice about street style and fashion, what would it be?

T: I would love people just to be more bold and to not let location dictate what you wear. Obviously Canberra is known highly for politics and business, so clearly fashion is centred around that. Definitely not a bad thing, as I love a good power suit and my black and whites, but I would love to see more risks being taken.

N: If you could collab with anyone who would it be and why?

T: Blog and Fashion wise I’m obsessed with Leonie Hanne from Ohhcouture, not only does she have amazing style and is gorgeous, but she’s the sweetest person and I would love to be able to experience a day in the life. Ultimate dream though is to work as interviewer for music artists so hey there Rolling Stones I’m available whenever you want me!

N: A parting word?

T: Be confident in who you are and you can’t go wrong. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a $10 dress or a $10,000 dress, if you wear that $10 dress with confidence everyone will believe in you too, and you’ll look like a million dollars!

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