Change It Up – FASHFEST ’18

With only 5 days until FASHFEST 2018 debut at the NGA, tickets are selling fast!

This year, FASHFEST has changed things up, as it does every couple of years. ‘We want to keep fresh for our fans,’ says co-founder Clint Hutchinson. ‘This year we’re hosting a series of rolling shows in venues of cultural and historic significance in Canberra, showcasing the beauty of architecture as well as the beauty of the fashion.’ The NGA event will see three designers present collections that showcase cocktail glam and elegant bespoke gowns. Voluptuous  amounts of layered fabrics will don the escalator runway in an artistic twist on what FASHFEST has perviously presented. 


The evening will see three designers present collections in the NGA’s foyer turning the massive escalators into towering runways.

Hajar Gala’s luxury couture has been featured in the most exclusive fashion magazines internationally, including Collezioni Haute Couture. The designer and her label, Hajar Gala Couture, has a reputation as one of Australia’s most elegant couturiers. Hajar will showcase gowns not seen before in Canberra, with some appearing at Paris Fashion Week.  ‘As a designer I believe there’s a strong relationship between art and fashion,’ says Hajar who creates elegant silhouettes, each with a timeless quality and each requiring tremendous skill to construct.


Megan Cannings Designs has just returned from New York Fashion Week.  Her new season collection stays true to her aesthetic—feminine, floaty and true fairy tale-like gowns and showstopper evening wear. This is her third appearance at FASHFEST and she was selected to show internationally after photographs of her initial FASHFEST collection was spotted through social media. ‘I remember as a little girl looking at Princess Diana and drawing pretty dresses I wanted her to wear,’ says Megan.


The third designer at the NGA show is Charly Thorn who received a roaring round of applause at her debut FASHFEST show in 2016, when she was just 17 years of age. Charly, from Cooma, has gone from strength-to-strength and has also showcased internationally. Her resort wear collection was photographed in the Bahamas. Charly is concentrating on high-end cocktail glam aesthetic, with special printed silks.


Models for the show have been selected from Canberra’s three top modelling agencies, Devojka Models, Victoria’s Models and HAUS Models. ‘We’ve selected really experienced runway models based on what the agency’s have put forth as their best talent—models who can walk in massive gowns on a moving escalator with little rehearsal time given that this major space has to be available to the public,’ says FASHFEST co-founder Andrea Hutchinson.

Next up for FASHFEST will be shows in December and February, with venues to be announced. FASHFEST may also pop up periodically with surprise events during the next few months.




48 hours at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz fashion Week. This time last week Australia’s most fashionable, media, and bloggers, models and of course retail buyers descended upon Carriage Works, Sydney, to view the upcoming Resorts Collections by leading Australian designers and up and coming talent.












Tuesday 15th May; 4 Shows, 2 outfits, 1 glass of champagne and a dream.

This is fashion week in and out in 48 hours.

The day began with a complimentary long black from Victoria coffee on route to the “Nouveau Fleur” Resort ’19 Collection by We Are Kindred. The runway was set as a floral garden in which the romantic dresses floated down. The colour hues ranging from soft pastels to moody midnights – with hints of metallic. This seasons prints took on an art nouveau inspired glamour. The flirty spirit of the brand was emphasized through frilled hemlines and thigh-high slits. The divine feminine collection was brought to life with a sweet collaboration with Sarah J Curtis Collections.







Second stop for the day was a detour of women’s fashion to view Blair Archibald’s fashion week debut collection “ The Last Knitting Mill”. It was a surreal raw display of fashion concepts. Garments were stripped back to their original fibres, in doing so illuminating the process behind working with wool and local suppliers. The collection included structure coats, tailored pants and turtlenecks to create textured layers. Sweet plum hues were seen dotted among charcoal and ash greys. An exceptional debut, however footwear could be improved.








Post shows; included a glass of wine, lunch and an outfit change.

Back at Carriage Works to mingle and people watch before the highly anticipated C/MEO collective show. The venue was buzzing with fashion heavyweights, reality TV stars, models, bloggers and more! Lights down, music up and down the intricate runway streamed pinks, yellows and reds accentuated by candy stripes, puffed sleeves and rouched detailing. This resort collection will be a divine addition to your summer wardrobe, stay tuned for its launch!


















It was a brisk walk back into the main gallery for the final show of the day. Thurley’s “Fable” show was nothing short of a star studded front row. With an Aperol spritz in hand the show began. Thurley is renown for their attentive use of fine detail. The collection debut summer yellows, soft pinks and whites, lace, crochet and embroidered detail. Over all a nod to the 70’s and a divine resort collection.














The close of the show was the end of our fashion week. What a whirlwind of glamour, trend setting, coffee and the hustle that is Australian fashion. From the streets to the runway the buzz and enthusiasm around fashion was overwhelming. Individual street style was displayed in a parade between shows captured by street photographers. Overall an unreal atmosphere and exception week pulled together by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Congratulations to our beloved designers who showed last week, we are tremendously excited for the resort collections to drop


Autumn in The Capitol

My Top 5 picks and favourite trends for AW ’18 in Canberra.

Those local to CBR know how brutally cold it gets here and that the way to survive is through layering.

Autumn is deceptive at the best of times. We find it below 10 degrees in the morning, then at least 22 degrees and sunny by midday!

So, below are my favourite layered looks for this season- seen across the globe at various fashion weeks.



Keep it casual with the awful but somehow fabulous trend of chunky dad sneakers. Plaid over sized blazers are a must have and layer perfectly over a plain tee or light sweater.

The perfect outfit that’ll take you across all occasions throughout the day.

2. Image: Danielle, WeWoreWhat


What better way to keep wearing your favourite dresses, even as it cools down, than to pop on tights and a pair of boots!

This outfit can be so diverse and worn for all occasions. Patterned tights can add detail to a plainer dress and the height of your boots will add formality.

For those cooler mornings and evenings pair with a crop leather jacket or longer coat.

3.Holly Titheridge - Paris Fashion Week ‘18


For those warmer days, brave bare legs and flat boots pair with a statement mini skirt. Layer with a light jumper and structured over coat to achieve optimal comfort no matter the time of day.

Style with a hat or beret for a chic warm look. A silk neck tie or scarf can be a fun alternative to a necklace!



ALL THINGS FUR THIS SEASON!! Whether it’s cropped or floor length a fur is a must have this season! As we saw across fashion month, it’s all about bold colours when it comes to fur – stray from tradition and grab something a little extra!

I can’t get enough of pastel pink, brilliant red and crazy cheetah patterned furs. You’ll catch me wearing them with equally flamboyant pants too. Plaid is the new plain – find a cheque that suits you and wear them EVERYWHERE! They are such a diverse pant and again can be dressed up or down with shoe choice and accessories.

Use them as a statement piece or layer with a matching jacket.



I LOVE this trend! It is so perfect for the bipolar weather we have here in Canberra. A lighter denim or Cotten jacket under an over coat.

This is what AW fashion is about – paring unlikely items together to create something unique, bold and warm!

The layering of jackets creates a new dimension to the look and can take the outfit from a just tee shirt to be worn inside to park side coffee with all layers intact.

Again plaid is a prominent feature for over coats or blazers. Jeans will give a casual everyday feel to the look while slacks or culottes will formalise it. Pair with chunky sneakers, mules or boots depending on the occasion and your mood!

Hands up who can’t wait for Autumn to officially roll in!?

Let me know you’re favourite looks this season in the comments below! Jump across to our Facebook for latest updates.

N x

It’s Fashion Week in The Capital!

This week fashion models, writers, bloggers, designers, magazines and so many more flock to Paris for Fashion Week. 

While I’d love to jet across the world again to mingling with the elite of fashion and cover the goings on in Paris -I can’t, as I’m need here in Canberra.

 This week you’ll find me, backstage, front row and on the runway of Canberra growing fashion week. FASHFEST. It’s the capitals take on fashion and you won’t be disappointed! 

Founders and directors Clint and Andrea Hutchinson have taken the buzz, glamour, quality and excitement from Paris fashion week and installed it into the heart of the Nations Capital. 

Established and emerging designers from across Australia and New Zealand will be debuting the latest season collections along side up and coming musicians and VJ’s. Our models have rehearsed tirelessly perfecting their walks and choreography and are all bursting with excitement to strut down the runway. 

Today the action begins.

With midday call times for meetings, dress rehearsals, hair and makeup there won’t be much time for me to sit back (as media) and take in the event. SO I’ve inlisted and recruited 6 Tipsy friends to cover this weeks fashion experience form their,non fashion world, point of view. 

I’m very excited to hear their thoughts on FASHFEST’s fashion week and can’t wait to share it with you!

So stay tuned for an epic and glamours week ahead! 


As winter comes to an end and spring blows in, Canberra takes its layers off and dusts of its red-carpet attire in anticipation for its largest fashion event of the year, FASHFEST.

Now in its fifth year, the National Convention Center will stage 3 epic nights, 6 distinct shows. One total fashion experience. FASHFEST held from 28th – 30th September will show case over 40 local, national and international designers. All putting forward new season collections and inspirational collaborations.  Fifteen live musicians and DJ’s will also showcase on the runway.

This year FASHFEST shines the spotlight on textiles and designs from the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation. This features 12 indigenous designers, each presenting a high-end look from textile created in remote communities in the Northern Territory.

New this year, FASHFEST is host to six diverse designers from New Zealand, including several labels from Trelise Cooper, one of the country’s hottest fashion exports. This show is sponsored by the New Zealand high commission.

Returning this year are veteran designers such as Karen Lee, Zilpah Tart. Many local emerging Canberra designers will be making their debut on the cat walk such as Gabrielle Spenser Bridal and De Challie Haute Couture.

Tickets start from $49. VIP and Platinum experiences include an exclusive guided backstage tour. Discount available for two shoe packages and for bookings of six tickets.

FASHFEST will be held at the National Convention Center Canberra. The first show on each night starting promptly at 7 pm and the second at 9 pm.

FF Tickets

For more information on the designers and musicians, follow the links below!!

Exotic Birds or Men’s Fashion?

It has been a couple of weeks since the end of Milan Men’s Fashion Week, yet I’m still on a buzzing from the event. I want to begin with saying I have never thought much of men’s fashion in comparison to women’s. I always thought how exciting could pants and shirts really be, and that theres not much more to it than that!

My naive opinion changed quickly.

It took less than an hour at the Pitti Uomo walking amongst the most extraordinarily dressed men. Decorated in brilliant coloured tweed suits with fancy socks peaking out under ankle cut trousers, slipped in to hand crafted brogues. Decadent felt hats placed delicately atop perfectly combed  hair with not a strand out of place. The worlds finest wool’s, leather and furs out to be seen.


Men, once referred to as crows standing around in bland black suits with well made but bland woolen coats, now parading around the old fortress like peacocks, flaunting their unique style, knowing they have the crowds eyes on them. Every inch of there outfits well thought out and planned down to the smallest details.


With a new found appreciation for men’s fashion I was thrilled to be working backstage a fashion show. Concept Korea featured Ordinary People and Bmuette two incredible but differing designers.  I spent the day dressing exceptionally beautiful male models in high end fashion. I can say it was an incredibly stressful but thrilling experience, we all oddly learnt so much. It was an experience I will not forget.



Ordinary People:


It was however, very interesting to see the behind the sense action during a fashion week show. Every look was checked and checked again, hair and makeup was touched up as the models went onto the runway and my god did it go quickly. We had less than 30 seconds to get the models out of there first outfits and into there second, back in line and onto the runway.


It was a mad rush of buttoning, zipping, slipping and buckling. The show went off without a hitch and while one of the models joked about wanting to falling over the uneven ground nobody did.


It is safe to say that I am now absolutely fascinated with men’s high end fashion and owe it as much respect as women’s fashion.

Image credits to: Giovanni Giannoni 

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